Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sage Stallone's mother: Sasha Czack

Sasha Czack is the mother of Sage Stallone and the former wife of Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone. She was born on 17th July 1950 in Pennsylvania, USA. Her birth name was Alexandra Jane Czack. She was often known by her nick name "Stitch".

Sasha Czack married Sylvester in December 1974. However the couple divorced in Feb 1985. They had two children Sage Stallone and Seargeoh Stallone.

Sasha was the lead photographer and co-writer of Rocky (1976). However she retired as a photographer after Seargeoh was diagnosed with Autism. However she made her return to photography for her Sage Stallone's short film Vic.

She was also selected by director Frank Perry to play the lead role in the film Play It As it Lays in 1972. However, Sylvester advised her against the role.

Sage Stallone: Vic

Vic is a short firm directed by Sage Stallone, the son of Sylvester Stallone. This is the first short film directed by Sage Stallone. This firm was screen at the California Film Festival at 2006 Palm Springs.

Vic is about a man who at one time very famous, faced the harsh reality of the unsteadiness of mans memory & fascination. This film by Sage Stallone is packed with emotions, drama, humor, suspense and leaves the audience glued to their seats. Sage was appreciated for his excellent work in this film.

The film features actor Clu Gulager who also played an outstanding part. The film has also received excellent reviews as IMDB earning a user rating of 8.2/10. The film was written by Will Huston.